LVM2 and device-mapper

ee7bea6 Merge branch 'main' into 'main'

5 days ago

22e482d post-release

7 days ago

7e8edc8 post-release

7 days ago

f4edd87 raid: lvcreate and lvchange fail if --min_recovery_rate is defined

7 days ago

3589e51 raid: lvcreate and lvchange fail if --min_recovery_rate is defined

8 days ago

921cedd lvmconfig: uncomment the report section

11 days ago

c44f3a5 WHATS_NEW: lv_attr for iorig LVs

11 days ago

7ba0d8e WHATS_NEW: pvs -A

12 days ago

29c0763 make: generate

13 days ago

8edc60f spec: Fix spec file to work with mock

13 days ago

db03270 device: remove log_debug for nvme device

19 days ago

e71b663 device_id: remove unused dev pointer from dev_id struct

19 days ago

2b7c832 lvmdevices: print changes for product_uuid or hostname

20 days ago

39cb34e configure.ac: check egrep

21 days ago

e38d974 lvmdevices: handle empty fields in new check and update

24 days ago
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