My configuration files

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This is a cross-device updatable list of my configuration files.

Item Description
[applications] Desktop entries for CLI/suckless programs
[bin] My custom scripts
[dunst] dunst configuration
[elinks] elinks configuration
[fontconfig] X11 font configuration
[gnupg] GnuPG configuration
[highlight] highlight configuration
[links] Links configuration
[mc] GNU Midnight Commander configuration
[nvim] Neovim configuration
[profile.d] Shell profiles (current=mksh)
[ranger] Ranger configuration
[sfeed] sfeed configuration
[snownews] Snownews configuration
[twmn] twmn configuration
[ultisnips] UltiSnips snippets
[vifm] Vifm configuration
.clang-format clang-format configuration
.editorconfig EditorConfig
.gitattributes Git attributes configuration
.indent.pro GNU indent configuration
.inputrc GNU Readline configuration
.stylelintrc.json Stylelint configuration
.tmux.conf tmux configuration
.urlview urlview configuration
.vimrc vim configuration
.xinitrc xinit configuration
.Xresources Xresources file
chromium-flags.conf Default flags for ungoogled-chromium
mimeapps.list XDG MIME associations file
picom.conf picom configuration
pikaur.conf pikaur configuration
README.md This file