My configuration files

b65860c .bash_aliases: Added alias for snownews (update on start); snownews/urls: Added dotsrc

9 days ago

dc9af6e snownews/urls: Categorized a couple of URLs

9 days ago


This is a cross-device updatable list of my configuration files.

Item Description
[bashrc.d] Bash(1) include files
[bat] bat configuration
[bin] My custom scripts
[ConEmu] ConEmu configuration
[elinks] elinks configuration
[fontconfig] X11 font configuration
[gnupg] GnuPG configuration
[gsimplecal] gsimplecal configuration
[highlight] highlight configuration
[i3] i3 configuration
~[i3blocks]~ ~i3blocks configuration~
[links] Links configuration
[mc] GNU Midnight Commander configuration
[newsboat] Newsboat configuration
[nvim] Neovim configuration
[ranger] Ranger configuration
[rofi] rofi configuration
[snownews] Snownews configuration
[twmn] twmn configuration
[ultisnips] UltiSnips snippets
[vifm] Vifm configuration
.editorconfig EditorConfig
.gitattributes Git attributes configuration
.stylelintrc.json Stylelint configuration
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