My configuration files

993297f bin/llvm-find: Improve strategy when no -?? executables present

a day ago

47145da bin/llvm-find: Set PATH for fallback command

a day ago


This is a cross-device updatable list of my configuration files.

Item Description
[applications] Desktop entries for CLI/suckless programs
[bin] My custom scripts
[cups] CUPS filters font configuration
[custom-fonts] Build information for font customizers
[dunst] dunst configuration
[elinks] elinks configuration
[fontconfig] X11 font configuration
[gnupg] GnuPG configuration
[highlight] highlight configuration
[lftp] lftp configuration
[links] Links configuration
[mc] GNU Midnight Commander configuration
[mutt] Neomutt configuration
[profile.d] Shell profiles (current=mksh)
[qutebrowser] qutebrowser configuration
[ranger] Ranger configuration
[sc-im] sc-im configuration
[sfeed] sfeed configuration
[snownews] Snownews configuration
[todos] Configuration for bin/findtodo
[twmn] twmn configuration
[vifm] Vifm configuration
[vis] vis configuration
.clang-format clang-format configuration
.editorconfig EditorConfig
.gitattributes Git attributes configuration
.indent.pro GNU indent configuration
.inputrc GNU Readline configuration
.mailcap metamail capabilities configuration
.mailrc s-nail configuration
.stylelintrc.json Stylelint configuration
.tmux.conf tmux configuration
.urlview urlview configuration
.vimrc vim configuration
.xinitrc xinit configuration
.Xresources Xresources file
chromium-flags.conf Default flags for ungoogled-chromium
interesting.bits Solutions to interesting problems and observations
mimeapps.list XDG MIME associations file
picom.conf picom configuration
README.md This file