Nix/Home Manager/Chezmoi configurations for my various personal infrastructure and computers

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#NixOS Configuration

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This repository contains the NixOS configuration for my personal computers and servers.

You can find my Home Manager Config here: https://github.com/sumnerevans/home-manager-config/


#Installation Instructions

| WARNING:                                                                   |
|                                                                            |
| Don't install somebody else's NixOS configs. Use them as inspiration, but  |
| don't actually just blindly copy.                                          |

To install this configuration,

  1. Clone this repository to /etc/nixos on a NixOS system.
  2. Unlock the repo using git-crypt unlock /path/to/git-crypt/key.
  3. Create a new host configuration in the host-configurations folder.
  4. Source the host configuration from hardware-configuration.nix.
  5. Run sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade.


  • Infrastructure as code
  • Immutable infrastructure (as much as possible)
  • Everything backed up to B2
  • Everything backed up to onsite location


  • Can blow away all servers (but not data) and restore in under an hour

  • Can restore all data within one day after catastrophic failure (everything goes down, including data)

    • From local backup: 1 day
    • From B2: 2 days

#Backup Strategy

I am using Restic to backup everything on my server, and all of my important documents are stored in Syncthing, which is backed up from my server.