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Standupbot helps automate the process of writing nicely formatted daily standup posts and sending that standup post to a shared, configurable standup room.

Standupbot guides you through a set of questions to help you create your standup post, and then posts in the standup room. It can also remind you to write your standup post at a specified time.

sample standupbot interaction


All interaction with the bot should be done in a DM with the bot. It is important that the bot is at least moderator in the room so that it can store state events in the room.

  • All commands are prefixed with either !standupbot, !su, or @standupbot (you can press at @ then s then TAB to get your client to autocomplete the bot's name)
  • !su help for help
  • !su new starts a new standup post. If you configure the bot to notify you each morning, then you won't normally need to do this.
  • To edit your post, you can just edit or redact the individual messages.
  • You can also use !su edit [Friday|Weekend|Yesterday|Today|Blockers|Notes] to go back and add items to the corresponding section of the standup post.

You will need to also set a standup post send room. This is the room which the bot will send standup posts to. You can configure it using

!su room !roomid:example.com


!su room #roomalias:example.com

#Reminder Configuration

By default, the standupbot will not notify you to write a standup post. You can configure the time at which you want the bot to remind you to write your standup post. To do this, you need to set both a timezone and a notification time.


Join #standupbot-dev:sumnerevans.com on Matrix for general discussion about the project.

Contributions are welcome! Please start discussions and send patches to the ~sumner/public-inbox mailing list. Confirmed bugs and approved feature requests can be added to the standupbot ticket tracker.