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#NOTICE me :senpai!

Welcome home, desune~

A modern terminal IRC client.

a screenshot of your senpai feat. simon!

senpai is an IRC client that works best with bouncers:

  • no logs are kept,
  • history is fetched from the server via CHATHISTORY,
  • networks are fetched from the server via bouncer-networks,
  • messages can be searched in logs via SEARCH.

#Quick demo

To try out senpai "online", a live SSH demo is available at:

ssh -p 6666 delthas.fr

Your nick will be set to your SSH username.

(This connects to the Ergo test network.)


From source (requires Go):

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~taiite/senpai
cd senpai
sudo make install

For a simple Go local install:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~taiite/senpai
cd senpai
go install ./cmd/senpai


From your terminal:


Senpai will guide you through a configuration assistant on your first run.

Then, type /join #senpai on Libera.Chat and have a... chat!

See doc/senpai.1.scd for more information and doc/senpai.5.scd for more configuration options!

#Debugging errors, testing servers

To debug IRC traffic, run senpai with the -debug argument (or put debug true) in your config, it will then print in the home buffer all the data it sends and receives.

#Issue tracker

Browse tickets at https://todo.sr.ht/~taiite/senpai.


Sending patches to senpai is done by email, this is simple and built-in to Git.

Set up your system once by following the steps Installation and Configuration of git-send-email.io

Then, run once in this repository:

git config sendemail.to "~delthas/senpai-dev@lists.sr.ht"

Then, to send a patch, make your commit, then run:

git send-email --base=HEAD~1 --annotate -1 -v1

It should then appear on the mailing list.


This senpai is open source! Please use it under the ISC license.

Copyright (C) 2021 The senpai Contributors