My Advent of Code solutions

80a315a Day 22

2 years ago

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#Advent of Code

My advent of code solutions.

Currently, I only have 2020-2021, written in Go (I'm kinda learning the language).

These are only part 2 solutions, although many of them have commented-out part 1 solutions visible as well.

Each directory is a day; in it, there is one Go file containing the part 2 (and commented part 1?) solution. My problem input is "input"; the example input will be "input2" and so on.

#Why is my code so verbose

People keep asking me this. There are a couple of reasons.

  • I don't care.
  • I hate all the clever tricks that people use to write super concise code, in any language.
  • I don't like writing utility functions.
  • Go does not have an expansive standard library. There are limited functional programming constructs (map, filter, etc.). There are few data structures (no stacks or queues or sets), so I have to write more code handling these things by hand. There's no "element in map" function. There's a whole bunch of stuff like this. Most of this is probably not a problem if you use Go in its intended use case (network programming/web backend/whatever you want to call it) but it makes AoC weird.
  • I'm absolutely not into including libraries from the Internet to address this.
  • Go types and errors are funny (e.g. int and int64 are absolutely not compatible; I know this is not unique to Golang but my day job is C++ so it's weird to me) and they mean I need extra typecasts and error discarding all over the place. Runes vs bytes vs single-character strings is kinda hard to deal with if you have the kind of string parsing that some AoC puzzles require.
  • I don't know the language all that well so I sometimes make poor programming choices.
  • I hate looking up functions when I could just code by hand.
  • I tend to copy/paste for input parsing and case handling, so there's a bunch of weird duplicate code that wouldn't have to exist if I was coding "right" or "slower".
  • I hate string formatting so I write lots of code for that.