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be60784 Add aliases for most common base conversions

6 days ago via dotfiles

7bb6a4f system-config: remove jp package

6 days ago via arch-system

05c82ba Remove TODO file

~tardypad pushed to ~tardypad/plott git

19 days ago via plott

bc40781 Use table driven tests for plot.SetData

~tardypad pushed to ~tardypad/plott git

19 days ago via plott

664eb3f Add XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable

19 days ago via dotfiles

b7486a3 system-config: add libpipewire02 and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr packages

19 days ago via arch-system

b9071c0 Remove qutebrowser config to open tabs in background with middle click

27 days ago via dotfiles

f8006f3 system-config: add python-adblock package

27 days ago via arch-system

9363509 www: add style for printing

27 days ago via

f003a02 Fix qutebrowser success color usage

a month ago via dotfiles

6f6a0ee setup: create Contacts folder

a month ago via arch-system

e47175f Add jfif to the list of image extensions in xdg-open

a month ago via dotfiles

b298eff system-config: remove neomutt package

a month ago via arch-system

202ff21 www: use includes directory for include-only parts

a month ago via

3d39503 Update packages version in doc

a month ago via dotfiles
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