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56d57f5 Fix aerc bindings for Backup account

4 days ago via dotfiles

c2d4a20 builds: add .SRCINFO files

4 days ago via arch-system

eff1937 www resume: fix global header title alignment

15 days ago via

cebf66a Integrate screencast in sway and i3blocks

15 days ago via dotfiles

a128bf7 bin: allow repo add/remove of multiple packages at once

15 days ago via arch-system

f488c4c check: remove few items from system-updates list

a month ago via

23f36e3 system-config: add fd package

a month ago via arch-system

fa42aa0 Add Veterinary mail folder in aerc

a month ago via dotfiles

7e6b7a3 Allow use of ~ in download_location config value

a month ago via wee-most

b3c9943 Use "me" instead of explicit user ID in URL

a month ago via wee-most

b5e278a utilities: move list-unowned-files script to bin

a month ago via arch-system

fd42da2 check: add backup list

a month ago via

e68a6ed Add kobo ereader to mount device script

a month ago via dotfiles

b9f6695 utilities: no need to recreate temporary directory created with mktemp

2 months ago via arch-system

9a71990 check: build the index.html automatically

2 months ago via
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