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5fdf705 check: reorganization of system updates list

15 days ago via tardypad.me

7ea610f tardypad.me: rebuild

15 days ago via alpine-system

95e5c4c Fix w3m config dir permissions

15 days ago via dotfiles

591cb51 bin: fix removal of non personal package from tardypad repo

15 days ago via arch-system

5871437 bin: fix sync getopts options sorting

27 days ago via alpine-system

db00154 Remove Destroy All Software Screencasts from RSS feed

27 days ago via dotfiles

710abe8 Remove .gitignore

27 days ago via arch-system

d20244a weechat-wee-most-git: bump version

a month ago via arch-system

d4f4b63 bin: don't ask confirmation to update archlinux-keyring package

a month ago via arch-system

ad3dcdf Display aerc folder with unread message the same way as unread message

a month ago via dotfiles

d471b6f Fix global clipboard usage in vim within tmux

2 months ago via dotfiles

ef7d048 system-config: setup silent GRUB during install

2 months ago via arch-system

1559821 Do not autoconnect to server if --no-connect CLI flag is used

2 months ago via wee-most

596ad7c tardypad.me: fix certificates renewal

3 months ago via alpine-system

e3f46b0 Update packages version in doc

3 months ago via dotfiles
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