Personal Arch Linux system management

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#Arch system

Personal Arch Linux system management

  • bin: scripts to manage system and packages
  • builds: custom packages builds
  • doc: general documentation about repository
  • setup: scripts to setup system
  • utilities: helper scripts to manage the repository


Most scripts rely on the following packages

Name Purpose Source Version
fakeroot Simulate superuser privileges Debian 1.31
pacman package manager Archlinux 6.0.2


# from Live USB
curl -s https://git.sr.ht/~tardypad/arch-system/blob/master/setup/setup-1.sh | sh | tee install.log

# after first login as user
curl -s https://git.sr.ht/~tardypad/arch-system/blob/master/setup/setup-2.sh | sh


Builds are run within a pre setup LXC container named "arch-builds". The build container can be created via the "utilities/setup-build-container" script.