WeeChat plugin for Mattermost
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27 days ago


WeeChat plugin for Mattermost

Tested only on latest Mattermost and WeeChat stable versions


Python dependencies from PyPi:

Set the WEECHAT_DATA_DIR Makefile variable to match your configuration.

  • default is ~/.local/share/weechat in newer versions (starting with 3.2)
  • default is ~/.weechat in older versions
$ make install # WEECHAT_DATA_DIR=~/.weechat



/script load wee_most.py
/mattermost server add a_banal_server

You should then edit its configuration such as URL, username, password, 2FA command,... To store the password safely, you can make use of WeeChat secured data storage

/set plugins.var.python.wee-most.a_banal_server.* 

Then you can connect/disconnect to servers

/mattermost connect a_banal_server
/mattermost disconnect a_banal_server

#Mattermost commands

You can send Mattermost commands using this prefix.

/mattermost slash me Aya ! :3

#Reply, React, Remove

Mouse click or select a line print the short post id in the input field.

Some command uses this id to interact with posts.

/mattermost reply abc Yeah you right !
/mattermost react abc rofl
/mattermost react abc 100
/mattermost delete abc

You can add aliases for some of these commands (if there's no conflict with other plugins)

alias add reply /mattermost reply

#Buffers display

For a nice organization of buffers in the buflist, use a sorting by name

/set buflist.look.sort name

#Deal with files

Mouse click or select a file line download it and open it.

#Send multiline messages

The multiline perl script is correctly handled by wee-most :


You would still have issues with multiline pasted text. Add this :

/set plugins.var.perl.multiline.weechat_paste_fix "off"
/key bind ctrl-J /input insert \n


Wee-most is originally a fork of wee-matter and draws a lot of inspiration from wee-slack