WeeChat plugin for Mattermost
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Per-Arne Hellarvik via wee-most-discuss

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WeeChat script for Mattermost

#Past and Future

This project was originally a fork of wee-matter with the intended goal to make it as good as wee-slack is for Slack.


The script is currently only tested on what I'm using daily, meaning:

  • against server running latest Mattermost stable version
  • on latest WeeChat stable version on Linux


Python dependencies to install separately:

Install the script from the source with make

$ make install

#Server setup

Once the script is loaded, you can add a Mattermost server with the identifier of your choice.

/mattermost server add dunder_mifflin

You should then edit its configuration such as URL, username and password.

/set wee_most.server.dunder_mifflin.url "https://mattermost.dundermifflin.com"
/set wee_most.server.dunder_mifflin.username "m.scott"
/set wee_most.server.dunder_mifflin.password "twss"

To store the password safely, you can make use of WeeChat secured data storage

You can then connect

/mattermost connect dunder_mifflin


/fset wee_most.*

More info later


/help mattermost

More info later


/key list cursor

More info later