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My name is Daniel/Daniil Rose; I am an Embedded Systems student, with a passion for Lisp, Rust, and Data Science.


All I need to make my machines usable, with an Emacs based configuration.


An offline-first, FOSS, and material-design Kotlin Android app.


A small, wearable "hours clock" that syncs your work hours for you,


All my solutions through the years to advent of code, stored here and mirrored to GItHub @TheCatster.


My personal website including my CV, self-hosted on my homelab.


0bc9b36 Add lua support and change up splash screen

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da3bf01 Updated 2021 year review post

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9beb9ea Add languages to init, remove unused features

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2c969f2 Update gitignore to include elpa

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f2fdce0 Reimagine keybindings, modeline, and more

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9489ecc Escape single quotes in conference title

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9ba91da Add conferences, fix CV headings, balance look in both light and dark

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6d27ceb Various changes to mirror things I like in Doom

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abc600c Fix CV formatting, add social media logo links, and add analytics

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22afe6e Update various settings related to macos

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c90e014 Update org-roam

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6de7398 Add you-should-use and syntax-highlighting to zshrc

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094b25f Add various updates for macos

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