A Discord bot for raids, that promotes community interaction and rewards participants. A version exists in Hy and Python 3.

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Open Source Discord Bot for Pokemon Raids

#About Ditto

Hosting Pokemon raids with your friends? Use Ditto to ease the process and incentivize hosting! Ditto helps organize raids by having a fast queue system, that generates a random code each time the host is ready to start.

Ditto is easy to use. Start by typing +help to see all the available commands!


  • [x] Host Raids
  • [x] Leveling System
  • [x] Leaderboard
  • [x] Profiles
  • [ ] Dynamax Adventures
  • [ ] TBD!


The best way to support Ditto is to contribute!


Distributed under the GNU Public License (GPLv3) (See accompanying file LICENSE)

Keywords: python, discord, gino, postgresql