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satchel.el is a small utility to help manage buffers and files on a working branch. You can place files in a satchel, which is a file with a list of files inside:

;; satchel is named '~---src---satchel---#master'

This file is persisted, then read back in every time it is needed. The useful thing with this is that often you struggle with tens, if not a hundred buffers in your buffer list, and fuzzy finding simply gets slow because you have to parse the incremental search. If you manage these satchels manually you can maintain the 3-5 files that are most important at any given time, thus having a much less cluttered search space.

#Satchels are separated by git branches

This means that when you switch branches, your satchels are automatically updated and scoped to the work you are currently focused on.

#Install from ELPA

This package is available from GNU ELPA, so it should be easy to just M-x package-install RET satchel RET


You are free to send patches to the lists, or add an issue to the tracker, both of which are listed at the top of this document.