The Common Lisp Wiki Spec

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#CLWS - Common Lisp Wiki Spec

This is an attempt to convert the whole spec as described in dpans to something a little more useful, enabling conversion to other targets, like web documentation and or books etc.

#Build dpans

for i in chap-{1..26}.tex chap-a.tex ; do pdftex $i ; done

#Build dpans into one latex file

for i in chap-{1..26}.tex chap-a.tex ; do cat $i >> all.tex ; done
# Remove all the "\input setup" except the first
# Remove all the "\bye" except the last
texexpand all.tex > all-expanded.tex
pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode clms.tex

#Useful commands



  • Display the dpANS spec in HTML
  • Parse the TeX document
  • Be a drop in replacement for CLHS
    • Links
    • Searchable
    • Errata
  • Much more...