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#mman (my man)

mman is a tool for organizing & editing personal manpages. It allows for a variety of formats for authoring:

  • plaintext
  • (n,g)roff
  • mandoc
  • scdoc


This script requires:

  • scdoc
  • sed
  • grep
  • findutils
  • posix compilant /bin/sh (both dash & bash have worked well in my tests)

To install:

sudo make install

There are also a couple of patches:

  • ./no-scdoc.patch -- remove scdoc support
  • ./no-troff.patch -- remove troff "support"
  • ./nroff-fmt.patch -- use nroff for manpages instead of man

Patches can be applied/removed withe the following commands:

# see patch(1) for more information
patch < [patch-name].patch    # apply patch
patch -R < [patch-name].patch # restore patch


Send patches to ~theorytoe/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. Please modify the [PATCH] subject line to [PATCH mman].