End-to-end encryption aware Matrix reverse proxy daemon for Ubuntu Touch.

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#Pantalaimon UT

End-to-end encryption aware Matrix reverse proxy daemon for Ubuntu Touch.

source code - issue tracker - mailing list - releases


  • [x] About page
  • [x] App icon
  • [x] Fix image fetching (fixed in fluffychat)
  • [x] Cross compile python+pantalaimon
  • [-] Import/export keys
  • [-] Ability to verify, ignore, or blacklist devices

#Known Issues

  • Previously encrypted messages may not be decrypted


The ability to verify, ignore, or blacklist devices is currently limited to the use of the panctl utility which can be accessed using the Terminal app by running /opt/click.ubuntu.com/pantalaimon.thrrgilag/current/panctl. See the man for details on how to use it.

#Build pantalaimon and panctl

The background daemon (pantalaimon) and shell utility (panctl) are built directly on device due to complications with cross compiling dependencies. You'll need a device with sufficient space free on the system partition to install all of the required packages. For the most recent release I utilized a Raspberry Pi 4 to create the binaries for arm64 and armhf.

  1. Put the dev-build.sh script in /home/phablet on the target device and execute ./dev-build.sh
  2. Pull the ~/pantalaimon-build/dist/pantalaimon and ~/pantalaimon-build/dist/panctl to your local source tree
  3. Rename the files to add -{ARCH} (e.g. mv pantalaimon pantalaimon-arm64)

#Build click package

  • Install or update clickable
  • For ARM64 devices run clickable --arch=arm64
  • For ARMHF devices run clickable --arch=armhf


Report bugs or send patches to ~thrrgilag/pantalaimon-ut@lists.sr.ht.

A tutorial for git send-email can be found at git-send-email.io if you're not familiar with this method.

You can also join my public chat room at #dev:thrrgilag.ems.host or dev@conference.dreamfall.space (xmpp).


Copyright (C) 2021 Morgan McMillian

Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0