Unoffical API for NRK P3 Filmpolitiet's reviews

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#Filmpolitiet API

API application made for Filmpolitiet's reviews.

Live version filmpolitiet.wyd.no.

The webapp is made using Deno, Fresh and SQLite. It's made to be lightweight and fast.

#Getting started


  1. Deno installed
  2. SQLite installed


  1. Copy the .env.defaults, cp .env.defaults .env and update the variables accordingly.
  2. Create a database-file, eg. data.db and add the file-path in the .env.
  3. Start the project with deno task dev.

#Deploy to production

Every new semver tag results in a new release to production. Production is running on a Caddy-server on a 1984 Hosting VPS.


Anyone can contribute to Filmpolitiet API. Please refer to the contribution guidelines

Send patches to the mailing list, report bugs on the issue-tracker.

Made with Fresh