Python Snipping Tool Script

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Python3.8 or higher script that glues PIL and mathplotlib to give you the ability to cut a portion of your screen and save it as an image. (similar to snipping tool on windows) Only works on Linux.

    Requirements:                         (when you see python I mean >= python3.8)
                                                        python -m pip install -U pip
    Pillow lib >= 8                                     python -m pip install -U Pillow
    matplotlib >3                                       python -m pip install -U matplotlib          
    eog (image viewer for quick final peek)             sudo apt install eog
         (usually preinstalled with ubuntu)         
    while in same dir as snip.py script,                python snip.py
        be ready to close terminal window
        if you dont want it as part of shot
        (you see a 5sec warning)

After whole shot shows up 2 click must be performed,

first click chooses top left corner.________________________________
                                    |                               |
                                    |                               |
.                                   |_______________________________|.second click picks bottom right corner

Done, eog should launch with a view of new snipped pic. will be saved as tmp0 in current dir