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64743ed fix(aerc): add install script to fix permissions

34 minutes ago via .dotfiles

e0033c5 perf: refactor day 5 part 2

16 hours ago via aoc

2edda51 perf: refactor day 5 part 2

16 hours ago via aoc

2c1a72d feat: impl day 9

20 hours ago via aoc

6d31120 feat: impl day 8

a day ago via aoc

5258a43 fix: remove left over erroneous use

a day ago via aoc

3523330 feat: impl day 7

2 days ago via aoc

3ba1fe9 feat(nvim): switch to biome for js/ts/json

3 days ago via .dotfiles

50ec768 chore(nvim,deps): update plugins

3 days ago via .dotfiles

49c163b feat: impl day 6

3 days ago via aoc

49694b1 feat: impl day 5

4 days ago via aoc

608aaf9 feat: impl day 4

5 days ago via aoc

78dcf2e feat: impl day 3

6 days ago via aoc

d404a56 feat: impl day 2

7 days ago via aoc

f2de80b fix(ocaml): fix ocaml configs

8 days ago via .dotfiles
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