A simple, line-oriented data serialisation format (draft)

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Nest is a simple, line-oriented data serialisation format.

Nest documents support one datatype, strings. Documents can be structured with nested maps or sequences. Each line is tab-indented and prefixed with a signifer. Multilined strings and comments are supported.

Status: draft

See tutorial.md.


# Gemini Spacecraft On-Board Computer (OBC)

.host: aurelis-38
.type: Gemini Guidance Computer
	.frequency: 7.143 kHz
	.power:     26 V DC
	.weight:    26.75 kg

.reference system: barycentric celestial
.equinox: J2000.0 SOL

.systems enabled::
	- InternalGuidanceSystem
	#Attitude Control and Maneuver Electronics
	- ACME v9.0.1
	- HorizonSensors
	- TimeReferenceSystem TCB

	|Source Melchizedek.0294
	# southern circumpolar constellation
	|Approach β Hyi
	|	Ascension 00h 25m 45.07036s
	|	Declination –77° 15′ 15.2860″
	|	Distance 24.33ly

	# QEC adjusted
		.date: 3781
			|Cryogenic stasis interrupted.
			|The β Hyi system solar radiation has
			|unbalanced our infrared venting,
			|causing a 0.002° drift.
		.date: 2444
			|Our Pod 14 non-denominational coven voted to
			|cast a spell to help you on your way!



Project hub: https://sr.ht/~torresjrjr/nest/