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#pdssg - pandoc static site generator

Generate a static site and Atom feeds, with Markdown, shell, and pandoc.


This README is severely outdated. This is a personal, idiosyncratic, buggy piece of software that isn't meant for public use. You should use a mature ssg. I recommend kiln.



  • sh
  • pandoc


git clone pdssg, ideally beside your site source directory.

git clone https://github.com/torresjrjr/pdssg


To run pdssg and build a static site, execute the pdssg script in one directory above the site source directory.

$ ls
src/  pdssg/
$ ./pdssg/pdssg

pdssg is a single executable shell script, with no command-line flags. It simply generates a neighboring site directory dst/ (destination) from an existing, neigboring directory src/ (source) with the site's contents (Markdown files to be converted to HTML webpages, and other files).

pdssg's design is modular and tree-based. Here's an example site source directory.

|-- _ignore
|-- _feeds
|-- index.md
|-- about.md
|-- posts.md
|-- posts/
|   |-- _drafts/
|   |   `--- 2020-04-01-bored.md
|   |-- 2020-01-01-new-year.md
|   |-- 2020-02-01-corona-what.md
|   `-- 2020-03-01-stuck-at-home.md
|-- feeds/
|   `-- posts.md
|-- assets/
|   `-- style.css
|-- _templates/
|   |-- atom.xml
|   `-- main.html
`-- _includes/
    |-- header.html
    |-- footer.html
    `-- meta.html

Here's the resulting build directory.

|-- index.html
|-- about.html
|-- posts.html
|-- posts/
|   |--- 2020-01-01-new-year.html
|   |--- 2020-02-01-corona-what.html
|   `--- 2020-03-01-stuck-at-home.html
|-- feeds/
|   `--- posts.html
`-- assets/
    `--- style.css

Note: files and directories beginning with an underscore _ will be discarded.

#Webpages and Markdown

Markdown files will be converted to HTML files, ready as webpages. The exceptions are filepaths matched by patterns in an ./_ignore file, like a .gitignore file.

pdssg expects Markdown files to have a YAML frontmatter block, which is a block of YAML metadata surrounded by a pair of ---, preceding the rest of the file contents.

The frontmatter should at least have a title value, which will be used to make a <h1> title heading. author and date values are common, and recommended where appropriate.

Example of a Markdown file:

title:  My Webpage Title
author: John Smith
date:   2020-12-30

## Subheading


#Templates and Includes

As in the example, the _includes and _templates directories will be used to generate the HTML and Atom files. They are then discarded.

For the files in _templates:

  • atom.xml is used to make HTML documents.
  • main.html is used to make Atom feeds.

For the files in _includes:

  • meta.html is inserted in the document header within the <meta> tags.
  • header.html is inserted in the body within the <body> tags, before the main content.
  • footer.html is inserted in the body within the <body> tags, after the main content.

#Atom feeds

Atom feeds are RSS-like feeds based on a newer, more-robust syndication format. They are essentially used just like RSS and referred to as such. Atom feeds allow readers to subscribe to a website's new content, like a blog.

pdssg can make Atom feeds from directories, with the directory's files as feed entries. To do this, you need to make a specified directory for your feeds, and make an "Atom seed file" as such:

  1. Create a feeds directory (e.g. ./feeds/) and write it's path in the config file _feeds
  2. Note the path of a directory you want to make a feed (e.g. ./posts/).
  3. Prepend your feeds directory path to it (e.g. ./feeds/posts/).
  4. Append the .md file extension to the path (e.g. ./feeds/posts.md).
  5. Create a Markdown file with this path. This is the Atom seed file.
  6. Write a YAML frontmatter to the file.

Refer to the example site above for demonstration (the posts/ directory).

The Atom seed file will be converted to an Atom feed file. This resulting feed will exist at the new path but with an .xml extension instead of .md. In this example, the atom feed will appear at example.com/feeds/posts.xml. Note, the ./posts.md file is not necessary for a feed, only a directory.

NOTE: Atom entries are ordered alphanumerically by their corresponding filenames, not by their date specified by their YAML frontmatter.

#Author's notes

This project was born out of a personal challenge, for my own site. At the request of a friendly blogger, I cleaned it up and made it public.

Contact me: t.me/torresjrjr