Computer-scientist / AI/ML / biomedical-engineer. Ex-pianist / NHS doctor.

I obtained my PhD in biomedical engineering (medical image analysis) in 2017 at the University of Oxford. Postdoc work revolved around AI/ML/biosignal analysis (smartphones / wearables / brain-computer-interfaces).

Currently employed as a Research Fellow in Health Informatics at the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing / Probationary Lecturer for the Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, at the University of Essex.

Approach with cake :)


Check if 'Manually-Installed and Source-Compiled' (MISC) packages have new releases or updates announced on their respective webpages.


A bash library to create and manage tickets and milestones directly in your terminal using structured plaintext files.


A super-simple sourceable function for processing commandline options and arguments in bash


A pomodoro logger and timer for the terminal


This document details a systematic approach to medicine, which I compiled back when I was a medical student, and continued updating as a junior doctor. It is one possible example to the question "Do you have a system?" which everyone seemed to always ask, but nobody ever seemed to offer a satisfying answer to.


5905eb3 Update current .misc files to also reflect 'geturl' as a valid subcommand in their usage strings.

4 months ago via misc-updater

0e8600c Closing a ticket now updates the milestone appropriately

4 months ago via bashtickets

689fa88 bt info subcommand implemented

4 months ago via bashtickets

dedc4fa Update changelog

4 months ago via bashtickets

d5be15b Support for default repo and repo shortcuts

4 months ago via bashtickets

db1ba1a Changed ping count to 3 to reduce false positive non-internet-connection events.

4 months ago via misc-updater

c7f9977 Updated zoom.misc file; changed manner in which latest version is queried.

4 months ago via misc-updater

b9c39f7 Added check for empty result when fetching latest version (typically indicating a temporarily inaccessible resource)

5 months ago via misc-updater

3b29866 Fixed minor bug where realpath arg inside command substitution needed to be quoted

5 months ago via bashtickets

b4471c4 Fixed minor bug where load_config was looking at '.' instead of 'REPO_PATH'

5 months ago via bashtickets

3d012f1 Fixed bug where ANSI_RESET was named RESET instead

5 months ago via process_optargs

f7a4b07 Added support for general options in main bashtickets script, including --repo

5 months ago via bashtickets

3f31004 Fixed small bug in legacy show_active/completed_milestones where the milestone number was not shown due to recent refactoring

6 months ago via bashtickets

fc77454 Fixed small bug in editor_handler which caused word splitting on filenames when opened in nano

6 months ago via bashtickets

2af9bbd Added useful (dev-friendly) default to display_help function.

6 months ago via bashtickets
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