Data Structures and Algorithms for C.

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As the title suggests, this is a (small) collection of data structures and algorithms implemented in and for C.


To get implementations for data structures and algorithms that work and behave just the way I want them to and to educate myself while implementing them.


Even though there are not (at least yet) many data structures and algorithms implemented here, the ones that are should work (if not, please let me know).


To use any data structures or algorithms implemented in this collection one can either:

  • Use this collection as a Meson subproject.
  • Install the shared library (and headers).
  • Copy the source(s) to one's own project.

A-very-quick-guide to Meson based projects:

$ meson setup build
$ ninja -C build test
$ sudo ninja -C build install

Asserts (see "man 3 assert") may have been used in the implementations so one might want to ensure the NDEBUG compiler macro is defined for release builds.


Constructive feedback very welcome. Bug tracker and mailing list available via Sourcehut (https://sr.ht/~trhd/dsac).


See the file called LICENSE.