Where there's a shell, there's a way.


Laboratory for programming experiments, studies, and practices.


A CLI tool for importing and utilizing exported social media data from popular services on Hugo websites.


GNU Emacs configuration files along with an in-depth chronicle of my crafting process.


UN*X scripts and configuration files.


TBT (to be thought)


297dc70 feat(scheme): add 1.01 solution

2 days ago via lab

475fbbb docs(core): remove consts doc comment

4 days ago via diego

a4a9e67 feat(vis): set relative line numbers display type

9 days ago via emacs.d

97ff50f chore(master): release 0.3.3 (#15)

10 days ago via diego

8eb3624 chore(docs): regenerate docs for 34fc3eb

10 days ago via diego

e752c0c feat(bash_aliases): add magit and no wait pomodoro

13 days ago via dotfiles

9c1e35e deps(go): bump go to 1.22.2

15 days ago via diego

74d5202 refactor(adapters): improve octal readability

15 days ago via diego

7f74984 deps(gh): bump golangci/golangci-lint-action from 4 to 5 (#14)

15 days ago via diego

4e31be0 refactor(init): rename TTY_GITHUB env to TTY_GIT

16 days ago via emacs.d

5479586 refactor(bash): rename TTY_GITHUB env to TTY_GIT

17 days ago via dotfiles

cc5c721 feat(prog): add scheme configuration

18 days ago via emacs.d

d675f30 feat(bash_aliases): add pomodoro eval

19 days ago via dotfiles

016d07a feat(bash_aliases): add ls listing

19 days ago via dotfiles

0ecfda5 fix(waybar): prepend clock format icons

24 days ago via dotfiles
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