Vulkan bindings for Hare.

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These are Vulkan bindings for Hare. They are generated with the glad2-hare branch of ~vladh/glad, which is a fork of the original glad by Dav1dde. When Hare is released, a request to merge our version of glad upstream will be submitted.

The glad generator was contributed by Christopher W. Nicholson (thank you!).

This repository contains a pregenerated set of useful Vulkan bindings, as well as documentation regarding the state of Vulkan bindings in general in Hare, including instructions on using glad2 with Hare.


Hare bindings can be generated using glad2 for Vulkan. If you spot any problems with the pregenerated bindings, please send an email, or preferably a patch, as described below.

Note: Extensions are currently not supported due to a limitation in our code. Some of the code in the bindings is "protected" by guards. In C this would mean the code is surrounded by e.g. #if defined(VK_ENABLE_BETA_EXTENSIONS). In the Hare bindings, this code is removed completely. This means that some of the code extensions need to work properly is sometimes not generated. We should fix this.


To use the bindings, copy the appropriate subdirectory from this repository into your project and adjust the use path accordingly. Alternatively, follow the instructions below about how to generate your own bindings, for example if you're using specific Vulkan extensions.

The functions and constants are named the same as their original Vulkan counterparts, so you can use the vkFunctions() and VK_CONSTANTS you're used to by prefixing them with vk::, i.e. vk::vkCreateInstance() and vk::VkResult.

#Generating your own bindings

If you'd like to generate your own bindings, for example if you're using specific Vulkan extensions, you're free to do this by cloning the glad-sdl2 repository and running glad yourself. It might look something like this.

python -m glad --out-path=../my-project --api vk=1.3 --extensions some_extension hare

Then, simply include the generated bindings by adjusting your use path appropriately.


Send patches to ~vladh/general@lists.sr.ht using subject prefix [PATCH hare-vulkan]. For example:

git config sendemail.to '~vladh/general@lists.sr.ht'
git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH hare-vulkan'
git send-email HEAD^

For more information, see git-send-email.io.