A lightweight CLI for pxl.blue.

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New mailing list added

1 year, 8 months ago
interrupt -- a simple CLI for pxl.blue

-- ABOUT --

interrupt allows you to upload files, deal
with your account, and more straight from the

OpenBSD, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD,
Plan 9, and all Unix-based operating systems
are supported. It probably works on Windows, but
don't be suprised if your bug reports are ignored.

This is a direct replacement for mirage.sh, and
has full feature parity with it. All you need to
do is change the binary name and adjust the
syntax you use in your scripts. It will read your
upload key from the $MIRAGE_KEY environment variable.
As a matter of fact it even exceeds in many regards.
It should be far less resource intensive, and one of
the most annoying limitations of mirage.sh was removed:
you can now pipe and have it detect the MIME type! Now
you can pipe stuff and have it not be all messed up
and corrupted!

The command's help menus should teach you all you
need to know, however I'll give a brief overview of
some of the things interrupt can do. 

If you want to upload a file, simply do the following:

interrupt upload glenda.png

You can also pipe into interrupt:

curl http://glenda.cat-v.org/gallery/stuffed-glenda.jpg | interrupt upload -


Bug reports, patches, feature requests, and all that 
fun stuff goes on the development mailing list: 

News will be published on the announcement mailing

Everything else goes on the general mailing list:

We also have a Matrix room:

If you need help with interrupt you can also contact me directly 
via email:
welt (at) spiderden.net

or Matrix: