Access booru-like sites, or other resources in a booru-like fashion.

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libgallery provides an interface for accessing boorus,
and other resources in a booru-like fashion. It is
currently very unstable, as I want people to start
toying with this so we can refine how things work.
Once we reach 1.0 there will be no backwards
incompatible changes.

Also included is a command line interface and some 
official drivers. libgallery also includes a registry
that third-party drivers can use import side-effects 
to automatically register with (like database/sql).
This makes it trivial to add drivers to existing 
programs using libgallery.

If you're writing quality drivers with minimal
external dependencies, you're strongly encouraged to
contribute and make them official drivers.

Further things worth researching:

- Bindings to languages like Python via the C API
- Runtime plugins with something like yaegi
- Interfaces for authentication