A CLI for the TVN versioning system.

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This program is a rewrite of oftoast, by int, yours truly, and
other contributors. It includes a packer, less bugs, and speedier 


Lightweight and fast:
Since this is written in a compiled, lower level language, murse is
much faster than the Python implementation. It's been designed to be
quicker too, adjustments have been made that make it significantly

Of course, we have the usual suspects (Windows, Linux) but we also
support other operating systems, like FreeBSD or Plan 9. If Go is
ported to it, it will (probably) run.

Static builds:
This program uses pure Go libraries. You can build purely static builds,
which means that deploying is simply a matter of running the binary. No
more Python and Pip annoyances!


Binary install:
Currently, we have automatic builds being pushed to dl.spiderden.net.

Linux: https://dl.spiderden.net/murse/linux
Windows: https://dl.spiderden.net/murse/windows

We also have builds hosted on SourceHut. People writing scripts and
package maintainers should use those binaries instead.


Source install (go install):
First, ensure Go is installed.

go install spiderden.net/go/murse@latest
# go install spiderden.net/go/murse@vX.X.X
# Ensure GOBIN is in your path.

Source install (source tarball):

Then you can copy the murse binary to somewhere in your $PATH.

The spiderden overlay has ebuilds for Gentoo. You can add the overlay
using eselect-repository:

eselect repository add spiderden git https://git.sr.ht/~welt/overlay
emerge --sync
emerge games-util/murse


If you want to submit a patch, feel free to do so on the mailing list.
Just be sure to sign off your commit, which indicates that you certify
your contribution under the terms of the CONTRIBUTING file.

Additionally unconfirmed bugs/support should go to the mailing list.


We have a low frequency mailing list for update announcements,
security notices, and other useful information. If you use murse,
especially if you use murse in other projects, you should subscribe
to the mailing list.


Read the COPYING file. Third-party library notices are in