Tree-based, user-respecting chat ecosystem

~whereswaldon/sprig git

Reference Arbor Chat Client implementation for mobile and desktop

~whereswaldon/forest-ex git

Golang extensions to forest-go

~whereswaldon/arbor-assets git

Graphical assets for the arbor chat project

~whereswaldon/arborchat-project git

Sourcehut project resources for arbor

~whereswaldon/wisteria git

Terminal Arbor Chat Client

~whereswaldon/sprout-go git

Golang library for speaking the Sprout Protocol (part of the Arbor Chat project)

~whereswaldon/forest-go git

Golang library for working with the Arbor Forest Data Structure

~whereswaldon/arborchat git

Project website source code: https://man.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/arborchat/