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Go Reference

This repository hosts gioui.org/x. Two kinds of package exist in this namespace. Some are extensions that will eventually be merged into gioui.org's core repository once their APIs stabilize and their value to the community is proven. The rest are extensions to Gio that are not likely to be needed by every application and require new dependencies. These will likely never be merged to the core repository, but will be maintained here.

This table describes the current status of each package in gioui.org/x:

Name Purpose Intended for core? Non-core dependencies? API Stability
colorpicker Widgets for choosing colors uncertain no unstable
component Material.io components uncertain no unstable
eventx Event management tools yes no unstable
haptic Haptic feedback for mobile devices no yes unstable
notify Background notifications no yes unstable
outlay Extra layouts yes no unstable
pref Query user/device preferences no yes unstable
profiling Gio render performance recording tools uncertain no unstable
richtext Printing text objects with different styles uncertain no unstable
explorer Opening a native file dialog uncertain yes unstable
markdown Rendering markdown text as richtext uncertain yes unstable
stroke Complex stroked path support no no unstable


Report bugs on the gio issue tracker with the prefix gio-x: in your issue title.

Ask questions on the gio discussion mailing list.

Send patches on the gio patches mailing list with the subject line prefix [PATCH gio-x]

All patches should be Signed-off to indicate conformance with the LICENSE of this repo.


This repository is primarily maintained by Chris Waldon.


Dual MIT/Unlicense; same as Gio


If gio provides value to you, please consider supporting one or more of its developers and maintainers:

Elias Naur: https://github.com/sponsors/eliasnaur

Chris Waldon: https://github.com/sponsors/whereswaldon https://liberapay.com/whereswaldon