Helper for using himitsu with neomutt.

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A helper for using himitsu with neomutt's account_command setting. The account_command settings allows configuring neomutt to use an external helper to read credentials. It only reads credentials when strictly necessary. E.g.: SMTP credentials are only read when actually sending an email, and not at start-up.

Thanks to himitu's prompters, this means that an interactive prompt is shown before disclosing the password to neomutt.



There is an AUR package. Use paru -S himitsu-mutt.


Copy himitsu-mutt into your $PATH.


Neomutt's configuration should contain something like:

set smtp_url = "smtps://my-username@smtp.example.com"
set account_command = "himitsu-mutt"

Defining the username is mutt's configuration is optional; if one is not defined, then it will be read from himitsu as well.

Entries in himitsu should have the following format:

proto=smtps host=smtp.example.com username=me@example.com password!

Check with your email provider whether your username should include the @example.com part or not.

Using this for IMAP should also work fine, though it has been untested since I use offlineimap rather than neomutt's built-in IMAP support.

#Under the hood

For details on account_command, see: https://git.labrat.space/neomutt/commit/?h=upstream/heads/main&id=89ddbf7036cf8ec43c6923238ee26a9844cf86ac


In reality, this is just a shell script. The heavy work here has been done by the himitsu and neomutt developers, thanks them!


This software is licensed under the ISC licence. See LICENCE for details.