SourceHut project to hold ~williewillus's Racket libraries

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#williewillus' Racket libraries


This SourceHut project houses ~williewillus's various Racket libraries. You can see a list of all of them by clicking the "sources" tab. You can view open tickets by clicking the "tickets" tab.


Please email the mailing list if you have any discussion questions or patches you would like to contribute.

You can learn about the patch workflow here. In most cases, it's as easy as setting proper smtp settings, then doing the following:

$ git clone <repo> && cd <repo>
$ git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH <repo>"  # Tell us which repo the patches are for
$ git checkout -b my-feature
$ emacs <files>  # do some work
$ git send-email --to="~williewillus/racket-libraries@lists.sr.ht" master  # Add -v2, -v3, ... when iterating on further versions of the same change request

which will email all commits between master and my-feature to the mailing list.

Do not spam commits with minor revisions, use git commit --amend to rewrite your commits into a neat series of understandable steps before sending the patches.


If you have quick questions, I often reachable on the #racket channel on the libera.chat IRC network. You can join from a browser here. I might not always be online.

In that case, or for deeper discussion about the projects themselves, please use the mailing list.