An Emacs package that shows perspectives on the tab-bar.

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#Perspectives in tab-bar


perspective-tabs-mode is an Emacs minor mode that shows the perspectives you create with Perspective for Emacs as tabs in the built-in tab-bar.

Warning: You need Emacs 27.1 or up.

Emacs window showing two tabs, representing two perspectives from persp-mode


After activating perspective-tabs-mode you can use the tab-bar (top of your screen), to control the perspectives. Add new, close, switch.


This package is not yet on Melpa, I'd like to get some feedback first. You can either clone the repository, or use straight.el.

#Clone the repository

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine
  2. Put the file perspective-tabs.el in your load-path (easiest is to copy it into your .emacs.d folder)
  3. Add the following lines to your init.el after activating Perspective (persp-mode).
(require 'perspective-tabs)
(perspective-tabs-mode +1)

#Straight / use-package

Add the following snippet to your init.el:

(use-package perspective-tabs
  :after (perspective)
  :straight (:host sourcehut :repo "woozong/perspective-tabs")
  (perspective-tabs-mode +1))

#Reporting issues / feature requests

You can report issues / feature requests via the issue-tracker.

Or you can contact me on the Fediverse: @woozong@post.lurk.org


When building this, I had a long hard look at Bufler by alphapapa, especially the implementation in bufler-workspace-tabs.el.

I'm only hacking, while sitting on the shoulders of giants. Thanks! \m/