automatic and routinary mathematical exercises platform

#6 Decide which language using in exercises

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#5 Select template system library

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#What is automath?

automath is a free and open-source project to generate customized exercises worksheets. It mainly consists of a Python program and a set of generated worksheets.

It focuses on primary, middle and high schools levels of Mathematics. But, as open source project, you can adapt the software to your needs in order to create exercises for desired level or topic.

The idea is to create unique and customized worksheets for each student. This allows students to practice routinary algorithms or concepts as often as they like. And teachers assign homework to students with some confidence of no cheating

automath is a free acronym of Automatic Mathematics. Also it means autodidact in English.


  • Simply as it could: simple API, no database.
  • Users have the power: they can generate as many sheets as they want on their computers. Running software on their own computer and not on someone else's is very important to ensure the freedom of users.
  • Set of worksheets by topic (equations, sums, etc.) and language (English, Catalan, etc.).
  • Free and open-source project.



You can contribute to this project:

  • Using the project.
  • Spreading the project to reach more people.
  • Making suggestions, asking some questions or commenting whatever you want in mailing list.
  • Creating new exercises and sharing with others via mailing list (a web interface is planned). If you did it, your exercises would satisfy the licenses of the project.
  • Contributing to code.
  • Money donations are not being accepted until project reaches beta state.

#Who is behind that?

My name is Xavier Bordoy. I am a teacher of Mathematics. Nowadays I teach in adults school.

automath is my personal project. So no big corporation behind. I make things on my spare time. Therefore, I will create new contents or review old ones when I could, with no pre-established pace.