A webring like CGI script for Gemini

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A webring like CGI script for Gemini.

#How it works

Each member of the gemring includes a link to a "next" capsule and a "previous" capsule, creating something like a "ring", hence the name. Anyone who finds their way onto one capsule can organically navigate to other pages in the ring.

GemRing allows you to more easily maintain these links. The site example.com would link to gemin://my.gemring.site/next/example.com and gemin://my.gemring.site/prev/example.com. These links would then redirect to the next and previous sites in the ring for example.com.

#How to Use GemRing

First create a sites.txt file. Each line should contain one site. Leave out the gemini://, trailing slash, and any extra white space.


Now set up your Gemini server to use the ring.py script at /next/* and /prev/*. Make sure that /next/ and /prev path components are part of PATH_INFO. An example config for the Stargazer Gemini server is provided. stargazer.ini

#Optional Index Page

This repo also has an index page that lists the sites in the ring. This is generated using Stargazer's WIP template feature. index.gmi.tmpl