A PWA for anonymizing Tiktok share links

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#Tiktok URL Cleaner

A PWA for anonymizing Tiktok share links.

"Official" instance: tiktok.sashanoraa.gay

#Set up your own instance

All you need to run Tiktok URL Cleaner is the binary. It doesn't have any other dependencies. It's configured using environment variables. There are three you can set:

  • IP: The IP address the app will listen on (default:
  • PORT: The port the app will listen on (default: 8080)
  • MSG: An instance specific message to display on the web page (default: nothing, can be markdown)

Tiktok URL Cleaner does not support TLS so I recommend putting it behind another web server like Nginx, Apache, or Caddie.


To add this package and nixos module to your NixOS config add the flake to your flake inputs and add tiktok-url-cleaner.nixosModules.default to your modules list (example). Then you can configure the service through your NixOS config (example).


You can use the docker container zethra/tiktok-url-cleaner in your docker setup.

#Compile from source

To compile Tiktok URL Cleaner from source:

  • Clone the repo git clone https://git.sr.ht/~zethra/tiktok-url-cleaner
  • Install rustc and cargo (either from your distro package manager or rustup)
  • Run cargo build -r
  • Copy the binary from ./target/release/tiktok-url-cleaner

Created by a gay kitty cat